My name is Danielle and I’ve always been passionate about history, something I’ve inherited from both my parents. With this passion, I was able to get a First in my History degree from the University of Derby in 2017. I also went on to complete an MA course there in Public History and Heritage in 2018.

My main interest is Anthony Woodville, the brother of Elizabeth Woodville, the wife of Edward IV. I’m currently writing a biography on him for Amberley. I was brought up with the Wars of the Roses and that will always be my first love as a member of the Richard III Society. Other areas of interest include Stuarts, Georgians, Napoleon, Louis XIV, country houses, pirates and highwaymen or general criminal history and the Wild West. That may not be an exhaustive list but that’s the main things that you will probably find posted about on here.

I currently work at the Derbyshire Record as an Archive Assistant, but have worked and volunteered in the heritage sector for the past six years. I’m passionate about sharing history with others, especially little known parts of it.