Available Talks

Below is a list of talks I can be available to do. If you would be interested in any of these, please do contact me.

Anthony Woodville: Sophisticate or Schemer- Was Anthony Woodville, brother of Queen Elizabeth Woodville, really as bad as some have portrayed him, or was he really a man of many talents?

Eleanor Coade and Her Artificial Stone- Eleanor Coade was unusual for the times she lived in as she ran a business in a male dominated world. This is her inspiring story.

Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle: Is it fair to call her ‘Mad Madge’?- Margaret Cavendish was involved in many things seen as ‘unladylike’ for her day, but was always supported by her husband, William. Why was she nicknamed ‘Mad Madge’ and is this a fair assessment of her?

Pirates, Highwaymen and Thieves in Criminal Biographies- how have criminal biographies of criminals such as pirates, highwaymen and thieves influenced our understanding of the crimes today.

Napoleonic Prisoners of War in Chesterfield- Tells the story of how French prisoners of war were treated by the townspeople of Chesterfield, including some examples of what happened to specific prisoners.

The Murder of Chief Sitting Bull- tells the true story of the death of the Lakota Chief Sitting Bull on the Standing Rock Reservation in Dakota.